Memorial Wall



Your place to leave a message to the loved ones you have lost.

Jayne Gilbert


Goodnight to our beautiful beloved boy, Ollie. You were the sweetest golden and our best boy. We loved you more than you will ever know and will miss you for etenity. Sleep well and may the angels take care of you now.

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Cherry Tree

We would like to thank all our amazing and lovely clients. We are incredibly sorry you have needed us. But are pleased we are here when you do.


Cherry Tree x

Jacqueline Astell


For my beautiful greyhound who was my best friend you will be greatly missed by your hoomum and hoobrother Zen. You thought everyone was you bestfriend you loved everyone. You made us laugh everyday by things you did it was the hardest thing to make the decision to let you run free. You will never be forgotten

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Shane Mccaffery


You was a one in a million Casper and so loving and caring. You will always be my special lil man, I will never forget you and will always love you and cherish the memories we had together. A massive thank you to everyone for dealing with casper in such a truly amazing way and making it that bit easier knowing he would be treated with the upmost care and love that he deserved so much. D.I P my lil Casper man until we meet again daddy loves you forever more xxx

Sergio Tariq


I was lucky to have had Amy with me for 17 years. She was a loving friend and companion who had followed me to three countries and several places within the UK. Found abandoned in a block of flats in Karachi at a couple of months old she grew into one of the friendliest and most patient dogs you could imagine. Her presence made my life richer. She made the good times that much better but also got me through some awful ones, including bereavement and ill health. It just seems so much quieter and emptier without her. She was family and saved me far more than I did her.

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leanne freeman


We spent the whole of lockdown together and survived a house move too. I will miss your human personality and constantly being my shadow 🖤 rest in peace my little Thumps xxx

Sarah Haggerty


Thank you for being my dog, thank you for all the love you gave so freely, thank you for just being the most darling little dog. With us for such a short space of time, you stole my heart. I miss you so much my pretty one, run free now.

Rob Walker


Words cannot express our gratitude to Cherrytree & the Gentle Farewells service. From phoning Sandra to Jess coming to our house for Dibble, the compassion & total professionalism was excellent.
We had the joy of Dibble’s company for nearly 16 years & now know he is at peace & resting with his friends
Rest in peace our angel

Lynne Lindsay


For 10 years you have been our constant companion and a faithful friend . We all loved you immensely and you gave us many memories and loved us with all your heart. You was a friend to everyone and everyone loved you, you are going to be missed by a lot of people not just family but friends as well .Our hearts are broken into a million pieces but we had lots of fun over the 10 years of having you in our lives. Fly high my angel ,love you to the moon and back and beyond.

Susan Selby


No words can say how devastated we all are at losing you today baby girl. You would be 7 in a couple of weeks. You were taken in today after being poorly for the last day or so. Suddenly without warning you went. We are all heartbroken. Louis, Hugo your puppy and Mittens the cat miss you dreadfully. We loved our time with you. Such happy memories. Always wanting to sit on my lap. We love you so much and will never forget you. Until we see you again xxxx

Jackie Murphy

My sweet Teddy, you were a legend, a best friend and a wonderful spirit that brought a smile to our faces every single day. You have left such a hole in our hearts. Our hearts and minds will continuously play highlight reels from the precious 15.5 years that we spend together. We are so thankful to have been blessed with such an incredible member of our family. Sweet dreams my beloved Teddy.

Gill Tavare

Goodnight my gorgeous boy.
Now you are with sweet Lottie.
I’m so lucky to have such wonderful memories and almost 16 years of cocker spaniel love but will miss you beyond words.
“Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives.” John Galsworthy
Night, night my honey bee and
all our love from Mum and William

Keith, Lorraine & Sami Martin

Our beautiful, amazing Lola.
Lola-Belle. Lola-bum. Wagga-Wagga.

We can’t describe the hole you’ve left in our world and our hearts.
No words can be used to say how much you are missed.
You will always be the most gentle, loving, funny, water mad fur baby in the world. 
We’ll never see another bubble, dandelion or snowflake without thinking of you chasing them! 

Lola, everyday, we will remember how lucky we were that you were in our family.
Your sisters Roxy & Bailey miss you so much. Your little nephew Bodhi will look for you every visit, waiting to aggravate you.

Chase the dandelions and find your beloved muddy puddles to play in, enjoy the Rainbow Bridge Lola. We’ll meet you there.
We will love you always, our sweet girl x

Sergio Tariq

I was lucky to have Lucy for seventeen and a half years. She was a strong personality, loud and ‘talkative’ but also incredibly affectionate. A playful cat who as a kitten loved to sleep on my chest and as an older girl in my arms. Lucy was the boss of the house who was powerfully bonded with Al her cat companion (who went before her) and the boss of the dogs. Everything in the world existed purely to serve or amuse her. She was a friend who enriched my life. I miss her.


My darling Alfie
I saw you come into the world when your Mum Elle gave birth to you and your 3 sisters. You became the alpha man and always kept the girls in their places. The house is so quite without your presence but I’m glad your coming home, where you belong, still with me.
Thank you for everything Cherry Trees. You have shown empathy and pure kindness beyond words which is grateful received.
Always in my heart Alfie xxx



Sweet dreams my baby Kevin,
You were my happy place and I love you to pieces , I will miss you dearly. This is the hardest goodbye, but i’m not saying goodbye to you for you it will be a see you later, i know you are in a happy place , I love you to the moon and back beautiful boy



We are so devastated our beloved shyanne passed away on the 24 January 2022 from a broken heart only 4 days after coyote’s passing she couldn’t live without him our hearts broken and words can not explain how we feel right now we so lost without are huskies. Shyanne was so loving and soppy and loved all the affection she could get she sat so close to me and nuge me to get my attention where has coyote he was diffent he was mouthy, playful and soon told you whats what in he’s own way he Was fussy you try and cuddle him and he walk away everything at to be on he’s terms and howl the house down if they weren’t they both loved each other they always howled when they weren’t together. it doesn’t seem real this time last week we had 2 dogs now we have none they made our house a home they were bubbly and funny now there just quietness life will never be the same without my bubba and baby girl but at least your together now making doggie angels in the snow run free my baby’s till will meet again love you always and forever ❤ 💙


Our boy coyote was born on 17th January 2010 and sadly had to be put to sleep on 20th January 2022 I saw you take your last breath and it’s like time has stood still your sidekick shyanne is so lost without you our home is so quite with out you, you was such a pain in the back side always stealing things and chewing them up and then howling trying to tell us it wasn’t you but we knew it was you we loved your craziness I even miss stepping over you has you was so stubborn and wouldn’t move. We miss you so so much totos love you loads and always and forever are in our hearts xxxx


Its been 4 months since we lost our dog Annie and not a day goes past without us thinking of her and how happy she made us. We all know the day is coming when they get old and will be leaving us, but if you have loved your dog and have wonderful memories, as we have, take comfort from these and remember them as a great part of your family. Part of them stays with you forever.


You gave us 10 years of amazing memories, fun and love. From the day you chose us and every day after, our lives were blessed by our beautiful Scottie Dog Isla.
Love you and we will miss you every day.
Thank you Isla. Xxxx


Our Milah Moo taken far too soon!Losing you to illness has been so unfair.You were just a baby.You were our baby.We are all absolutely heartbroken without you here.We will love you forever.Thankyou for the happy memories you’ve given us in such a short while.It’s so quiet without you here.
We will love you forever and always.
Jasmine is lost without you.
You will always be carried close in our hearts and never ever forgotten.



Today has probably been the worst day of my life, there was no warning, she wasn’t Ill she was eating and drinking fine but I think she was masking, see everyone that knew my Fifi, she was a shy and a nervous cat, preferred to roam and live outside but over the last year she’s been coming home and spending longer indoors and wanting to be closer to us………

We rescued her in September 2011 I was wanting a kitten went to have a look at her she wasn’t a kitten but she was in a right state, shut in one room and tormented by a spiteful 4 year old child!! I couldn’t leave her it would of gone against my nature!!

………She was shy 🙈 she was nervous but my god she was sneaky she would have your chicken off your plate without even knowing!! She did the best head butts ever and the only cat I’ve ever known to love having her belly rubbed!! She loved snuggles but on her terms and she forever preferred the sofa to the scratch post 😐 and she was the Queen of my other two cats, one her Son she knew how to tell him off!! She was so loving when she allowed you in, you had to gain her trust though!!………….

I tried Fifi and I’m so sorry that all I could do was hold you in my arms but I am so glad you chose your last moment in my arms 😭💔 fly high baby girl I will love you always 💖💖💖

Fifi 2011-07/01/22



To our special little Rolo ..
she was our first little fur baby and taken too soon at only 9 months .. we will love you and miss you always and forever and our lives won’t be the same without you ♥️♥️♥️🐾🐾 you have left the biggest paw print on our hearts ..



To my baby boy Milo,

You will always be in my heart my gorgeous little man.
You gave me comfort at my worst.
You were and always will be part of the family.
I’m going to miss your cuddles at night and especially having to share my pillow with you (which I never minded) You will always be my boy and I love you dearly.
I am sure Dad will be looking after you for me, until we meet again .
Sleep tight xxxx


In memory of our gorgeous girl. We have adored you since the first day your daddy brought you home. We have shared all the moments of joy and sadness. You were so faithful to us. You have won everyone’s heart
with your charisma. It was impossible not to adore you. Thanks for all your crazy things. Thank you for taking care of your brother Aso and being his best friend. Thank you for taking care of Lucky, now you will meet him again in heaven.
We will never forget you, you will always be in our hearts. We do not say goodbye, we say our precious girl … see you later …Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean we will miss you until we meet again. We love you ❤️❤️❤️ Levi & Eva


To my sweet boy Dave my companion how hard and crazy it has been this last week.It has been so quiet without you at home it doesn’t seem real. I am absolutely lost without you and I am absolutely heartbroken . I hope you are running over the rainbow bridge and catching them butterflies and you are also wearing your big bow tie like the smart boy you always were we love and miss you always xx



Sassy 06 July 2009 – 19 August 2021
Thank you for your company my sweet girl, forever in my heart.
Beth x


The brightest star shining tonight is my sweet little Lottie.
Who will collect the discarded plastic bottles, packets and fallen apples now, my little Womble?
We miss your pitter pattering and your unique little ways. God Bless!
From Mum, Charlie and William XXX



Dylon our special little man, we miss you so much and wish your time with us could of continued for as long as we live. You’ve left a huge hole in our hearts and lives. We miss you little pickle more than words can say.

Thank you Cherry Tree for taking care of our little boy on his final journey.

Dean and Carron


Rest in peace our beautiful Itsy. We miss your snoring, your stubbornness, your beautiful face with that one tooth sticking out. You are forever in our thoughts and we was so lucky to have had you for almost 12 years. We was so proud to call you our Itsy. Hooch misses you so much just like we do. The house seems so empty without you. We love you so so so much our beautiful girl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Our little boy, a rescue doggie, only had you for 3 yrs but you gave us 3 wonderful years. From your jumping on your little doggie toy, to welcoming us home, a few years in our life but forever in our hearts.
Until we meet again….



My sweet little Rosie, we had so many great adventures together, you always knew how to make me smile when I was sad. You where such a huge part of my life,  letting you go was the hardest thing to do.

I miss you so much, sleep tight my sweet Rose 🌹 till we meet again.

July 2009 – May 2021 




In memory of our little earthquake. So happy and always full of energy. You left us very early, at only 7 and a half years old. You have been the spoiled of your best companions Sheyla and Aso. They have always protected and cared for you, until the last moment. We miss you. We will carry you forever in our hearts. Our little one, run free, which you have always liked. Thanks for your crazy things. We love you. Always in our hearts.

Levi & Eva


In memory of our beautiful boy Moscow
We miss you every day and all the things you did that made us smile.
Arching your back as soon as you saw us, rolling over and having your belly rubbed, running around like a loon and barking/meowing.
The house is not the same without you.
You were part of our family and will be forever in our hearts.
Rest In Peace

Julia & Ian


Our Ronnie
The best Parson Jack Russell you will ever meet.
For almost 15 years we shared each other’s lives. Holidays , endless walking, camping, Norfolk broads, Scotland. Somerset to name a few. You came with us. The children grew up with you, you sat in the best pubs and ate the best food.
Forever loved our beautiful boy.
Malc & Sally


In Loving Memory of my best mate Louie Young-Brackley. We all miss you beyond words. It’s not goodbye forever, it’s goodbye for now. See you on the other side. We love you so much x


‘Our Belle’ so much personality and so brave to the last . She brought love and joy to everyone for 17 special years and will be missed every day ❤️ Gill Kelly Brian


I loved you from the minute I picked you up you were and always will be mummy’s princess. We all miss you big barge arse and you smelly bottom, you gave us 9 beautiful years of love and memories to treasure.

The paw prints you took for me are beautiful, and I’m so glad to have her back home where she belongs.


So much missed my best mate went everywhere with me and loved by so many touched so many hearts rest in peace my beautiful no more hurt till we meet again



Today i had to say goodbye to my best friend. it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. she’s brought me so much joy, she’s brought me so much love, she’s brought me so much happiness. she’s been my light at the end of a very dark tunnel. i’m going to miss you so much baby girl. i wish we had more time. see you on the other side.
4.10.11 – 3.3.21


Bandit and Ziggy

In Memory of Two sweet Guinea pigs called Bandit and Ziggy, we will miss you very much



Our lovely Lenny came into our lives in May 2018 needing lots of TLC which we showered him with. So lucky to have called him ours. Gone too soon. We will love him and miss him always. RIP beautiful boy.



The hardest part of bringing you home in 2005 was knowing one day we’d take different paths. For the memories, the photos, the tears, the smiles, the dream wibbles, the holes in the lawn, the bones buried and dug up months later, the sand in the car from the beach trips and inevitable phantom smells from the rear. We fought hard through so much over the 15 1/2 years and we pulled through it all together, I was never going to be ready to say goodnight.

My darling Rusty, you are so loved and so missed by all, thank you for picking me to share your adventure here and being my rock, my world and my best friend. Run free my sweetheart. xxxx


Our very handsome loving loyal staffy hooch you came to us in 2006 youve shown nothing but love loyalty friendship you were loved so much you lived the high live having the best of everything.You have been around the 7 grandchildren all their lives they are heartbroken the same as their parents and grandparents,you’ve looked after us all and we all know you wil looking after us now your gone and until we meet again .We all miss and love you so very much but we had to say goodbye.
HOOCH 2006/2021



In loveing memory of.
Beauty, the first horse i raised from a youngster, you allways gave your all and and we was almost at the Top,then just like that age 10 you took a peice of my heart over rainbow 🌈 Bridge, you gave us the best 7 years.
Until we meet again ,take care of dream and and molly..
BUT NO ONE COULD miss her like me.
REST R.I.P love mummy and the rest of the family xxxx



Richie Roo, my little spikey friend. You showed us so much affectionate after such a horrible start to your life and when you left us, you left a hole that can’t be filled. Love you lots little fella. X



Our best boy Nelson. You were our world, we picked you up when you were a tiny bundle of fluff. Immediately you looked after our eldest daughter who was 6 months old. You two had the best 10 years.




In loving memory of the one and only Ozzy. Fearless and fun, always raring to go, we miss you every day. Thank you for making our lives so much richer, you lovely boy xxxx



Happy Memories of our little baby Bessie. A dear little crossbreed, so loved by all who knew her. A gentle little girl who filled our home with love and laughter. You are so very missed, hopefully we will kiss and cuddle again one day and all be together for always and forever. Love you tiny ‘tink pot’.
Mummy and Lucy xxxxxxxxx

Kim Smith 


To our darling Teddy who left us on Thursday 12 March 2020 you were so loved and now so missed. Always full of life and mischief this gaping hole in our lives is too hard to bear. But we have so many treasured memories of our lovely boy that will stay in our hearts forever. Miss you so much and hope you run free now and forever. Lots of Love Mummy, Mark, Lucy, Charlotte, Annabelle and little Hazey. You will never be forgotten.

Terry Worby


From the moment you dragged me round the pen at dogs trust i loved you. You are the heart of our family and we are completely lost without you. You were so intelligent, loyal and loving. You was the son we never had. We love you so much and would like to thank you for choosing us all those years ago. You gave us the best 13 years of our lives and we wish we could have another 13 with you. Run free gorgeous boy, see you soon. Love you always mummy, daddy and your sisters Amelia and Bethany xxx

Hannah Snell

Mr Bear

July 2008 – February 2020
You are the best boy we could have ever hoped for.
The one that has shaped our whole life.
Loved wholeheartedly by all, we cherish the time we had.
Be patient, Boo Boo – wait for us, the pack will all be together x

David and Lisa Barnett


My soulmate my world
Tyler we rescued each other 9 years ago you only ever showed me true love, loyalty and devotion. My world feels empty now your gone but your now keeping aunt phill company and we will meet again in the end.
Miss you baby boy. My Tyler totts mummies baby boy never forgotten.

Natalie Wenham


Our beloved Mikie was run over and sadly he passed away I never got to say goodbye to my little man, my daughter is heartbroken he was her best friend and they was inseparable not a day goes pass we don’t think about him we all love and miss him terribly always in our hearts

Catherine Dash



To our best friend Roxy be at peace now you are one in a million,you have truly given us huge love and devotion, you are deeply missed and never forgotten forever in our hearts love from us all. This is not goodbye but see you soon

Stuart & Carol


For Tusk,
Your big white paws and pointy ears have followed us through thirteen years,
a protector of Callom and loved so much, a big cuddly bear so soft to touch.
Those sky blue eyes and chocolate nose won over the hearts of most,
though truth be told – as its always best, they were mostly used for cheekiness!
Your scattered toys and empty bed, where you once lay your head,
will remind us of your time with us, when we would play, then you’d want your fuss.
Our time has flown, its gone too fast and these heartbreaking moments will be our last.
Your big white paws and pointy ears, will leave us now with many tears.

I hope you are laying in the sun, on the grass with the breeze blowing through your beautiful fur, and a stream nearby to dip your paws.
We will miss you so much, you will never be forgotten. xxx

Sarah and Callom


Apache was one in a million, a big horse with an even bigger heart. Everyone who had the honour of knowing him, loved him. He was a big horse and an even bigger part of me.
Go gallop with the angels big beautiful boy, my heart will never be the same.



Ronnie 2011-2020
Our beautiful 9 year old Bullmastiff Ronnie
A wonderful ‘ gift ‘ into our lives 5 years ago
Our ‘silly boy ‘
A gentle gentle giant with a big heart & a beautiful soul ❤️
Everywhere we went people loved & adored you
Sharing our life with you was just wonderful , your girls miss you so much .💞
We will never forget your funny character , oh you made us laugh
Our holidays on the beach & your passion for water . Either in it or drinking it ! It was your favourite thing .
It broke our hearts when you had to leave us , our beautiful boy , we were right there with you to the very end 🌈
Run free with the angels our ‘ silly boy ‘ back together with our beloved rotties ‘ Jet & Bear ‘ 🐾🐾
Until we’re all back together again ‘Go find her Ronnie ‘ I’ll be calling … listen out for me .
Give uncle Alan that kiss for me .😘
Love & miss you so much our darling Ronnie .
Love Mummy , Daddy , Indie & Belle xxxx❤️xxxx



Our beautiful old girl Rosie. 17 years of love you gave us. Our hearts are broken and our home empty without you. Run free at rainbow bridge, pain free and restored sight. Forever in our hearts. Until we meet again. Love Mum, Dad, Amy and Emma and your fur siblings Poppy and Peggy xxxxxx

Jenny Wedge



Toby there isn’t a second that goes by where our hearts don’t break about the thought you are no longer here. You were taken too soon and your Bro Howie misses you like you wouldn’t believe.

Laura & Katy 



Nugget, my best friend of 19 years. Never forgotten xx


Barney who will be missed forever, think about you everyday



My soulmate Biggles. You are missed so much in the Stansfield home. I hear you , I see you, I touch you but your not there. You will always be in our hearts. And you will never walk alone ❤️

Debra stansfield



Jay Michaels



Miss our crazy 2 year old rescue kitty, Skitty, who was taken from us way too soon. We will never forget you xxx❤

Karen Culver


Gorgeous handsome loving Munch! You were only with us for a short time but you changed our lives forever and we miss you so much. I’ll always remember the way you used to lie on your back on the grass waving your legs in the air and swiping at butterflies. And the times you would jump onto the sofa and crash into me purring and not let me move until you were ready. You had such a long luxurious coat and fluffy legs we used to call you Dartagnan, and oh how you loved it when I brushed you every evening, your eyes half closed dribbling with contentment. You were such an easy cat to live with. You only wanted to be loved … and fed 8 pouches a day! Rest in peace my beautiful boy. Ginny xxxx



Bunny forever in my heart

Scarlet Scott


Mr Fox

Sadly missed our Fantastic MrFox . The most loving , loyal, big hearted little friend. After a rocky start at battersea dogs home age 3 ,you came to us .We had you with us 13 years,

Timm Hopkins


Rest in Peace Thomas now 3 years and you are missed every day xx



My dear baby girl bow .
I remember the day we collected you like it was yesterday.. I know straight away you would be a perfect member to our family.. perfect friend for our George he is missing you

Emma Simpson



My first fur baby Archie dog.

We made the decision to let you go over the rainbow bridge last week. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

We shared 14 years and 7 months together, you taught me soo much and brought us all lots of happiness. I don’t even know how to put into words how heartbroken I am and how much I miss you! The grief is overwhelming.

Boadie is lost without her best friend as are we all. I hope you understand why we made the decision.

Run free baby….Love you always….

Mummy, Daddy, Boofs, Arthy and Boadie dog XXX

Clarissa McKenzie


Our Handsome beautiful boy Scruff. When you adopted us our world changed. Our short time together feels like a lifetime. We have such wonderful memories of our times together. You will always be in our hearts and cannot believe you were taken so suddenly. We will love & miss you always xx

Evelyn & Tracey Beaton



A Tribute to my beautiful Mo…..

I still remember that first day we saw you Mo. We were only supposed to be finding somewhere that we could learn more about how to look after a pony. It was to be a mother and daughter thing. Somehow, on that day in 2001, I ended up, at the age of 40, buying a 14hh beautiful little bay mare with 3 white socks and a crooked blaze, my first ever pony. That was you Mo.

Boy were you naughty! You napped, you took off on occasions and you kicked other horses. Not a pony for a novice, my friend said. It didn’t matter to us though, you were my childhood dream and Tasha’s dream come true….

We took you on hacks down the beautiful country lanes and rode you in the school. Your favourite thing was walking and trotting sideways like a crab in the school! We took you to shows, rode up the beach and groomed you for hours, you were such fun…….

You had your fair share of troubles as you got older though. Lots of vet visits for lots of problems over the years but we nursed you through them all and you made good recoveries. When you started to look a little bit older and needed more care and less grass, you came home to live with me. We learnt some natural horsemanship and spent hours playing in the fields gently, riding with a rope halter and going for long walks inhand. You would share our barbecues and parties, graze in the garden and even came indoors one Christmas…..

I began to think you would live forever and the fun would never end. Then that day, Saturday, 27th October, 2018, nearly 18 years after that first day I saw you, you suddenly and without warning became very poorly. The vet came quickly but you were in a lot of pain, more than I had ever seen you in before, treatment wasn’t working and we didn’t want that for you, ….you were over 34 years old and probably nearer 40. When the time came to say goodbye, we sat down on the floor next to you. You laid with your head gently on my lap, breathing softly on my face whilst I stroked your beautiful face and told you how kind and loved you were and thanked you for the wonderful times you had given me. When I heard your breathing change, I knew you were galloping over to The Rainbow Bridge my beloved Mo.

The thing is that I wasn’t done loving and playing with you yet Mo, there was still so much fun I wanted to have with you…..but I know I had to let you go. Gallop and run free my darling mare and when I come to the bridge, canter over to me with that soft nicker that I now miss so much and we will be together once again……

You changed my life Mo, in ways that only you could. You were one in a million and I was blessed to look after you. You taught me so much and it felt like you had given me the World. I will love you always…….

Pennie Newman



Our Beautiful Darling Little Girl,
Taken from us so sudden at the tender age of three years. Martha, you were such a wonderful friend and will be sorely missed by all of the family.
Darling girl, rest in peace.
We will love you always, sleep tight.
Aston Noir Martha 13/11/15 – 30/03/19

The Dudgeon Family



We lost our handsome boy Khan on 24/3/19. He was our truly loyal and loving spotty big nosed friend. All our hearts were broken on that afternoon. His little mate Kotcho is missing him so badly and she is so very sad.
You almost made it to 13 Khan and we have lots of great memories of you. Our home is not the same without you.
Always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts. We love and miss you so very much. Until we meet again x x x

Dawn and Paul Smith


Galhoso or “Gally” came in to my life in May 1996 when I lived in Luxembourg. You were my first and only horse and a stallion! You were the kindest horse and taught me and my friends Sandra & Robert so much. You took me & Sandra to Advanced level dressage and we were still competing when you were 25 years old. Photo is of you at 25yo. The 23 years we shared together have given us so much joy and so many wonderful memories. We will never forget you, your cheeky charms and wonderful kind nature, you are dearly and sorely missed. Love you forever, Gally, my sweet boy. Until we meet again. xxxx

Louise Kellett

Jess & Cassie

My beautiful Jess went 2 years ago, last week her sister, my gorgeous Cassie joined her over the rainbow bridge.
Thank you all at Cherry Trees for sending my girls back to me.


First Born Tiger Lily was your pedigree name, but you were alway just Lily to us and how we all loved you. You were the heart of the family for 13 years and so very precious to all of us. You only had two moods, happy & very happy. We all miss you so much – the house is too empty without you. You were such a special & beautiful girl who will always be in our hearts and memory. May there be lots of good smells for you to chase and someone to tickle your tummy wherever you are. RIP darling one. Xxx

Jane Maclachlan


Henry. You’re missed everyday especially the long walks we had together. The house is much quieter now you’re no longer with us. You Enhanced my life and we had a great bond. Pet and best friend. Rest well my mate. Love from all the family.



My sweetest Willow. I told everyone, I’m not a pet person! You stole my heart in such a short space of time. Just 11 months of fun, laughs and mischief.
So many memories but so many plans that we never got to share. You changed my life, I one wish is that you enjoyed our time as much as we all did.
xxxxxxxxxxx That means LOVE xxxxxxxxxxx & we love you very much xxxxxxxxxxx

Terry Goldsmith


For Our Boy Oscar. After 16 wonderfully magical years together, you had to leave us. It was so sad to see you suffering at the end and I hope you felt the love, as I held you in my arms, fed you and guided you carefully as you tried to walk. Oh Oscar, we will love you and keep your precious memories in our hearts always. Thank you for being with us and for being Our Boy.

Anne Ferreira


Jazz you gave me 13 years of love and devotion, it broke my heart to let you go. Now l have two voids in my heart. Beamer is waiting for you, run free beautiful xxxxxx 23/02/2005 – 07/11/2018

Beamer was looked after by Cherry Tree 3 years ago, today they are going to look after my Jazz. Thank you

Jacky Green


Lola, I miss you so much. A piece of my heart is missing. I love you. You were the best friend and daughter a mummy could have. You were the most beautiful, friendly gentle giant and I hope you are waiting for me one day when I am in heaven. Let me know you are okay xxxxx



Chelsea, you were the best pony ever, the best pony a girl would of wished for, always wanting to please and no trouble. I treated you like a princess as that is what you deserved. You will be missed.

Jayne Hill


To my amazing best friend Keeley (Wids). We had so many great times/memories together, from teaching you to go down the stairs, to playing with your toys (over and over), big long walks, swimming, opening your presents at Christmas, stealing dad’s Robin, hide & seek and constantly deciding to poo outside the train station so I’d have to pick it up in front of everyone. You knew so many words, and even knew how to spell – what a clever gorgeous girl you are! Any time I felt sad you would always be happy to see me and be there to cheer me up and you never really asked for much back. I know you had a difficult year or so with some health problems, but you never really complained and showed us undying love to the very end, I was so pleased to get an extra couple of weeks with you and give you more cuddles and kisses and tell you how much I loved you. I can’t believe I won’t see you again but I hope you know how much you were dearly loved and how much joy you brough to us. You were a one in a million and you will be in my heart forever xxx

Laura Betts

The pain, the heartache & devastation of losing you is unbearable. You were our world, we loved you so much. You brought us so much joy and gave us so much love. We will miss you forever. Hope you are now at peace. God bless my sweet baby girl.

Lesley Betts

Night night my beautiful baby .No more pain for you Sleep well little monkey Mum and Dad miss you loads already

Melanie Mcclary


Thankyou Cherry Tree for looking after our Daisy


Our beloved Rottweiler Annie left us heartbroken on the 2 July 2018. The loss is incredible.



On the 8th of July 2018.we lost are beautiful bailey . 12 years of love and joy you brought to are family . Love and miss you so much my baby boy ❤️

Hannah Wilson


On Friday the 13th July my beautiful Dotty closed her eyes for the last time. You have given us nearly 15 years of love loyalty and companionship
My heart will be forever broken and I will miss you

Lisa Collins


Yesterday was one of the hardest days I’ve had for a very long time my oak was put to sleep at the grand old age of 14yrs and 10months not bad for a springer he’d served numerous tours with me and kept me safe I was lucky to bring him home with me after he retired I’d just like to thank Cherry Tree farm for the kind words and compassion they let me spend some more time with oak before our final farewell I was lucky to have him home with me in under 5 hours thank you so much

Marianne Cordell

It is now 2 years on 13 June that we said goodbye. Rest in Peace we miss you every day x

Susan and David Hopkins


Ottie 22nd May 2018 aged 12yrs. Our funny, cheeky, clever,stubborn and brave boy. You were so brave those last few weeks. We all miss you so much. The house is just not the same without you here. You are always going to be in our hearts as we remember the funny things you did. Rest in peace Ottie .

A Cochrane

Amber & Bramble

This time 9months ago i lost two of my beautiful horses on the same very day i have not smiled the same since but cherry tree made the process a little easier i love them very much x forever in our hearts run free amber+bramble xxxxxx

Libby Colburn


It’s not what we have in our lifes, but who we have in our lifes that matters..
You have been much more than we could wish for…
Will always love you Shadow!



Elli you really were one in a million. You were so sweet and gentle. We will never forget you.

Clare Hardy


Stanley you was taken from us far too young on 4/02/18aged over 4 yrs.
sadly missed from your Mummy & daddy
R.I.P little man xxx

John Penn-Symons


My lovely girl jazz who i lost on the 30th dec 2017 who i miss so much and wish she was still here with me such a beautiful girl love you lots

L grindell


To my beloved boy Jethro, my Soulmate: “As long as I live , you will live; as long as I live, you will be remembered; as long as I live, you will be loved.” The sweetest, kindest, most wonderful boy ever to draw breath – so special. I adore you. xxxxxxxxxx

Joy Kemp


My darling Ebony who I had to let go….I knew it was time but it broke my heart my sweet girl.You were always there for me and more so when I lost my dog Rosie who was you friend oh how you two would snuggle together.It gives me some comfort knowing your back together again…But my heart is ripped out and it hurts so much without you both .Your first Christmas in heaven sweet one with your best friend………Mummy loves you and misses you so very much but I know your healthy again and have no more pain..Sleep now my darling girl …Forever in my heart Xxx

Trudie Tuffin


My gorgeous Benson,
You were the best friend anyone could ever ask for and you have left a huge hole in our hearts
Sleep tight my gorgeous boy xxx

Donna Talbot


To my beautiful beautiful Toby missed by all your so special mummy made you a cake for your birthday 20-10-2017 I love you rip Toby 20-10-2000 till 15-08-2017

Naomi smith

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