Scatter Tubes


Included in our smallest individual cremation cost but also available as a standalone purchase for ashes or keepsake is our Scatter Tube caskets.

Cherry Tree Keep every size available in the Bluebell theme as we believe this most resembles a walk through the bluebells with your beloved pet. This means they are suitable from the smallest much loved pet family member up to the biggest.

Scatter Tubes were created back in 2007 by a company called Petributes they have become popular with pet owners for ashes scattering or burial, to share ashes between family members or as keepsakes. They were designed with simplicity in mind and allow an easy to use and attractive ashes scattering solution. They are crafted from over 90% recycled materials, making them a very environmentally friendly choice.

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How to use a scatter tube

Scatter Tubes are very easy to use. They have a removable outer lid and a perforated inner lid which you press through when you are ready to scatter the ashes. The hardest part of the process is perhaps deciding where you like your pets ashes to be scattered or buried.

There are several options you can choose from:
Water burial

The Scatter Tubes are suitable for ashes scattering over water but are not recommended for ashes water burial by submersion. Its generally acceptable to scatter pets ashes In UK inland waterways. However, we would always recommend checking with landowners or relevant authorities. Seashores and coastal waters are stricter and the relevant permissions should be sought before scattering at sea or on the beach.

Burying ashes

Scatter Tubes are biodegradable and are safe for ashes burial. Burying the scatter tube in the garden of your own home is something you can do. If you have concerns about moving a lot of our lovely clients like to bury them in large pots or planters with a nice tree or rose plant so they are able to take them wherever they go.

Scattering ashes

Within reason you can scatter your pets ashes wherever you like, in the UK if you have checked with any landowners. However, sometimes there are a few exceptions, restrictions and laws. If you aren’t 100% certain its always worth checking with the relevant authorities first to give you peace of mind. Please keep the environment in mind and try not to leave anything that would have a negative impact on the countryside or wildlife.

Keeping Ashes

Scatter tubes can also be kept indefinitely in the comfort of your home. They are also a lovely way to keep ashes If you are unsure on a lasting tribute for your pet family member until you find something perfect for you and your pet.


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