Our beautiful, amazing Lola.
Lola-Belle. Lola-bum. Wagga-Wagga.

We can’t describe the hole you’ve left in our world and our hearts.
No words can be used to say how much you are missed.
You will always be the most gentle, loving, funny, water mad fur baby in the world. 
We’ll never see another bubble, dandelion or snowflake without thinking of you chasing them! 

Lola, everyday, we will remember how lucky we were that you were in our family.
Your sisters Roxy & Bailey miss you so much. Your little nephew Bodhi will look for you every visit, waiting to aggravate you.

Chase the dandelions and find your beloved muddy puddles to play in, enjoy the Rainbow Bridge Lola. We’ll meet you there.
We will love you always, our sweet girl x